Rules of Golf


​​Beginning Saturday 6/28, all Men's Club events will be played under "Summer Rules", i.e. play your ball "as it lies" unless you are in an area marked as Ground Under Repair or in an area where you are provided relief under another Local Rule currently in effect. 

There will be ONE EXCEPTION on HOLE #5 - Continue to play "lift, clean and place your fairway only" on Hole #5. The Grounds Crew is working hard to restore that fairway, but it remains in less than a normal playable condition.

Other Local Rules
1. Bunkers: loose impediments may be removed; a ball lying in a un-raked area may be lifted, the area re-raked, and the ball replaced with no penalty.
2. A ball is OB only when lying OUTSIDE the driving range screens on #’s 7 & 9. Balls INSIDE the screens are played as they lie or declared unplayable. There is NO relief from the driving range fence or steel posts or concrete base.
3. Complete relief (stance, swing, line of flight) may be taken from STAKED trees.
4. Do not play from the wild or tall grass areas. A ball should be dropped within one club length and played from the point where the ball first crossed the “wild grass” area.
5. Any moveable stake or pole should be removed if it interferes with your stance, swing, or line of flight. Example, the 150 yard poles. The ball must be played “as it lies”.
6. You may take relief if a barber pole interferes with your stance or swing as long as your outside the hazard. No” line of flight” relief. 

Understanding Golf's New Rules and Major Rule Changes

Effective January 1, 2019, the USGA and R&A introduced several new rules and other changes which will impact play moving forward. The USGA has created a series of easy to understand videos and explanations of each rule change. Educate yourself on the changes  here:

New Local Rule: Stroke and Distance for OB and Lost Ball

The USGA is allowing Clubs to adopt a new "LOCAL RULE" modifying the traditional "stroke and distance" penalty for a ball that is "lost" or hit "out of bounds". The HNGC Board of Directors, after consultation with the MPGA, has decided to adopt this new rule for all "regular" events during the 2019 golf season. There will be  exceptions for certain designated events such as our Club Championship. However, unless announced otherwise in advance of a specific event, this new rule should always be followed. 

Please see this link  for an explanation of how this Rule should be applied.