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Club and Course News:

The 2019 Club Championship is this Saturday and Sunday August 10 and 11!
Sunday Tee Times and Pairings are listed on the Homepage and on the Events page.

Reminder, there is no entry fee for this event. 

Club Championship Rules

Championship Flight: 
RELIEF may be taken only as allowed by the Rules of Golf.
Championship Flight must play the Black Tees.
All natural grass areas will be played as lateral hazards.
For NET competition, use your Black Tee handicap.
NET Flights.
“A” Flight (White Tee) players use your “course” (white tee) hdcp.
B Flight includes Gold and Combo Tee players.
Combo players subtract 2 strokes from their Gold Tee hdcp to determine their event hdcp.

You may take FREE RELIEF from the natural grass areas. Ball must be DROPPED within one club length of the point where your ball ENTERED the wild grass area. No penalty.

ALL Flights:
You must maintain an acceptable PACE OF PLAY. This means keeping pace with the group ahead and/or finishing each 9 holes in two hours or less. To maintain the PACE OF PLAY, the following practices are encouraged:
Use “continuous putting” unless your stance interferes with the line of another player.
Play “ready golf” – play your shot as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so.
Play SUMMER RULES thru the course.
Balls “lost” or hit OB should be dropped within 2 club lengths in the fairway, no nearer the hole.  Penalty: 2 strokes. Applies ALL flights.
Designate one player in each group as the official scorekeeper. Each player must initial the scorecard before it is presented to the scorekeeper. Claiming a lower score than actually achieved = disqualification.
The Club Champion will be the player achieving the lowest GROSS 36 hole score while playing in the Championship Flight. There will be GROSS and NET winners in ALL flights, including the Championship.
In the event that either day is cancelled due to weather, that round will be rescheduled to Sun Aug 18th. This applies to the Championship Flight only. Net Flights will be decided based on 18 hole net scores.
If you have any doubt about a Rules application, play two balls and review your question with the Rules Committee after your round.
The order of play by Flight on Sunday will be: B Flight, A,  First, Championship Flight; Sun tee times based on Sat scores. Sun times will be emailed to players by 4:00 PM Saturday.

All Men's Club events are now to be played under "Summer Rules", i.e. play your ball "as it lies" unless you are in an area marked as Ground Under Repair or in an area where you are provided relief under another Local Rule currently in effect.

Other Local Rules:
1. Bunkers: loose impediments may be removed; a ball lying in a un-raked area may be lifted, the area re-raked, and the ball replaced with no penalty.
2. A ball is OB only when lying OUTSIDE the driving range screens on #’s 7 & 9. Balls INSIDE the screens are played as they lie or declared unplayable. There is NO relief from the driving range fence or steel posts or concrete base.
3. Complete relief (stance, swing, line of flight) may be taken from STAKED trees.
4. Do not play from the wild or tall grass areas. A ball should be dropped within one club length and played from the point where the ball first crossed the “wild grass” area.
5. Any moveable stake or pole should be removed if it interferes with your stance, swing, or line of flight. Example, the 150 yard poles. The ball must be played “as it lies”.
6. You may take relief if a barber pole interferes with your stance or swing as long as your outside the hazard. No” line of flight” relief. 

New Entry Fee Event Payment System  
We are adopting a NEW method of paying Entry Fees for our paid Club events this year.

You will no longer pay your entry fee at the cash register. Instead, you will drop your entry fee into the Men's Club payment box. The box will be mounted on the brick wall just to the right of the exit door that faces the course. ​See picture, below,

Payment by check is preferred. However, if you do not have/use checks, there will be envelopes provided into which you can place cash. Be SURE to write your name and the event date on the outside of the envelope before dropping it into the Payment Box.

For multi day events like we have this weekend, you can pay your entry fee for BOTH days if you wish. Again, just be sure to show the correct event dates and the total amount enclosed if paying cash. If day 2 is cancelled due to weather, you will get a refund.
Failure to pay the Entry Fee BEFORE you tee off will result in automatic disqualification. Also, you would be required to pay the "past due" entry fee before you could enter any future Club event.

If you pay using a cash envelope, please do NOT seal the envelope shut - just enclose your cash, write your name and the event date on outside of the envelope, then tuck in the flap before depositing your payment.

2019 Men's Club Dues and Sign-Up:
The Highland National Men's Club is still accepting new members for the 2019 season. Club dues are $110 ($90 for new members under 30). This gets you a USGA handicap and entry into the weekly non-entry fee events at Highland. If you would like to sign-up please email Club Treasurer 
Don Christ . New members must also fill out and return the New Member Application form which can be downloaded here.

Download and Read the 2019 Club Spring Newsletter

Understanding Golf's New Rules and Major Changes
Effective January 1, 2019, the USGA and R&A introduced several new rules and other changes which will impact play moving forward. The USGA has created a series of easy to understand videos and explanations of each rule change. Educate yourself on all of the new rule changes
here :